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At Pros 360 we know that water heaters come in several different varieties with each type offering multiple advantages that can be tailored to the specific needs of a residence or business. Though there are differences between the types of water heaters, they all serve the same function, to produce the modern convenience of hot water to the occupants. Uses for heated water range from household to household, but are generally centered on the acts of bathing, cooking, and cleaning. Our Sherman Oaks water heater repair and installation experts can help you to ensure that your system works efficiently and reliably!

Types of water heaters include:

By default, the process of heating water is based on thermodynamics. To achieve the heating of water, the transfer of heat energy is facilitated by a water heater (either tankless or tanked). The water heater then transfers its heat energy, which can be derived from many different sources depending on the individual model (fossil fuel, electric, solar, etc.), to the water in order to reach a desired temperature.

Types of Standard Tanked Water Heaters:

Gas fueled tanked water heaters obtain their heat energy from the combustion of fossil fuels (natural gas, petroleum gas, and oil). The heat generated by the combustion in the heat-exchanger transfers the energy to the water in the tank for current or future use. When the water temperature goes below the desired setting, the flames come on and the process repeats itself.

Heat pump based water heaters run on the principle of transferring heat from the outdoors to the water. It condenses and compresses refrigerant which allows the refrigerant to absorb and remove energy (heat). When in its gaseous state, the refrigerant is pressurized through a compressor, creating thermal energy that can be used to heat water through the process of transference. Heat pump water heaters are in many cases three times or more efficient than standard electric water heaters.

Electric water heaters work by powering heating elements that warm a heated surface which heats the water in the water tank. Electric water heaters operate in much the same way as fossil fuel powered water heaters but simply use electricity as their means of producing heated water. Among the three methods described here, electric water heaters are the least efficient way to heat water.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters differ from tanked water heaters in a fundamental way. Where tanked water heaters contain and cycle water through their warming chamber, tankless water heaters are devoid of a water holding chamber. Instead, water is heated as it is called forth by a user. Flow sensors in the tankless water heaters are activated when water flows past them and power a copper heat exchanger that is either fueled by electricity or fossil fuels. If you have a system already and need tankless water heater repairs, we can provide prompt and long-lasting results.

Since there is no tank to collect and warm the water, tankless water heaters are capable of producing an endless supply of heated water. Gas-fueled tankless water heaters are considered the most efficient way to heat water and their efficiency can range from 82% to 98%. The certified and experienced Sherman Oaks water heater technicians at Pros 360 will evaluate your home’s current cooling situation and needs, offering a customized solution to your cooling needs.

Water Boilers

Boiler-based water heaters are traditional water heaters usually consisting of steel or an alloy. Boilers can be heated by several different fuel sources (oil, natural gas, wood, etc.) and typically contain water in a pressurized environment to lower the amount of heat energy required to heat the water. In a way, boilers are giant tanked water heaters that are used mainly in large commercial buildings where heated water is in high and constant demand.

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