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At Pros 360, we feel it is our responsibility to match your indoor climate desires with the best and most efficient solution. Our specialists use AHRI certified equipment combinations for heating and cooling systems which are Energy Star approved and very efficient. In order to ensure suitable system sizing and operation, it is crucial to properly design the new system and implement accordingly. Replacing a system and matching it with the existing equipment size is erroneous and in most cases results in installing a bigger system than needed. It leads to discomfort, frequent breakdowns, and higher utility bills. A bigger system will take more energy to run, cost more to install, will start and stop more often, and will not provide maximum comfort.

HVAC System Design 

It is vitally important to get the accurate heating and cooling load calculations when upgrading, replacing, or installing a new system. The HVAC’s design greatly impacts the occupants’ comfort, indoor air quality, initial costs, and energy efficiency. The load calculation and duct system design also dictate the size of the Heating and Cooling system and ducts to be installed. The ACCA Quality Installation (QI) design process is an industry standard for properly designing and installing central HVAC systems. The ACCA manuals J, D, and S assist in determining the accurate load, duct design, and equipment selection.

Engineering and designing a system according to ACCA states “occupant satisfaction is maximized when the heating and cooling system and equipment are the correct type and size, and the air distribution system is properly designed and installed” which is also referred to as load calculation and duct design. In addition, ACCA states that “air is the first word in air conditioning, if the network of ducts carrying the air is not properly designed then the health and safety of the occupant is at risk, the equipment could fail more quickly, the energy costs could rise, and occupant comfort might be sacrificed”. That being said, at Pros 360 we design the correct ducts size in order to provide our customers with maximum comfort and performance. We also use Manual S which focuses on selecting the appropriate equipment for the unique given home and your family. 

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