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To enter the giveaway by Dec. 16, 2023:

In the heart of Los Angeles, where community and warmth intersect, Pros 360 is thrilled to announce our latest celebration – National Underdog Day 2023, marked by our exciting Comfort Caravan Giveaway. With more than 25 years of dedicated service to the community, we see ourselves as the underdog in the HVAC industry. This campaign is our way of not only expressing gratitude but also celebrating the spirit of resilience and determination. Picture this: a cozy home, a satisfied customer, and the joy of providing comfort. This is the essence of the Comfort Caravan Giveaway, our unique celebration on National Underdog Day.

Understanding National Underdog Day: A Brief History:

National Underdog Day, observed annually on the third Friday of December, is a day dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the underdogs who triumph despite overwhelming odds. The concept of the underdog has deep roots in history, from legendary tales to real-life examples.

Walt Disney: An Underdog's Triumph

Before we delve into the exciting details of the giveaway, let's draw inspiration from the ultimate underdog tale – the story of Walt Disney. In the early 1920s, Walt Disney, a struggling cartoonist, faced countless rejections and financial setbacks. Despite these challenges, Disney remained resilient and determined. It was his dream of creating a unique entertainment experience that kept him going. 

Disney transitioned from drawing pictures to animating his own cartoons, birthing the iconic characters that would later define an era of entertainment. His resilience and determination propelled him from rags to riches, a testament to the underdog spirit. Fast forward, and the iconic Disney brand stands as a testament to his unwavering spirit and triumph against all odds. By the time of his death, Walt Disney's net worth reached a staggering $80 million. Now, we're channeling that same underdog energy with the Comfort Caravan Giveaway, bringing warmth and joy to homes in the true Disney spirit.

The Comfort Caravan Giveaway: Your Chance to Shine!

From now until Dec. 16, Los Angeles homeowners have the opportunity to enter our Comfort Caravan Giveaway. Imagine winning a Lennox heat pump HVAC system, fully installed and ready to bring warmth to your home. As a token of appreciation for the unwavering support from our community, we want to make one lucky homeowner's winter extra cozy. A lucky winner will be this year's true Underdog story of triumph!

Why a Heat Pump System?

At Pros 360, we understand the importance of a reliable HVAC system, especially during the winter months. That's why we've chosen a Lennox heat pump – known for its efficiency, reliability, and commitment to environmental sustainability. We believe in providing not just warmth but also eco-friendly solutions for our community.

Join the #ComfortCaravan on Dec. 16!

As underdogs in the HVAC industry, we're celebrating National Underdog Day on Dec. 15 as part of the giveaway festivities! Stay tuned for exciting updates throughout the weekend. The #ComfortCaravan, a fleet of our technician vans, will be driving around the Los Angeles area on Saturday, Dec. 16. Snap a pic for Facebook, and get even more chances to be selected as the winner of an installed Heat Pump system!

How to Enter:

Participating is easy and absolutely free! Visit to get all the details and submit your entry. The more ways you enter, the higher your chances of winning. Don't miss this opportunity to bring the warmth of Pros 360 into your home.

Join Us in Spreading Comfort!

Pros 360 is not just a company; we're a community dedicated to bringing comfort to every home. Join us in making this giveaway a success. Follow the #ComfortCaravan journey on our Facebook Page ( and Instagram ( Let's spread the warmth together! Curious about the benefits of a heat pump conversion? Check out our previous blog post at Don't miss your chance to win a free HVAC system – enter our contest at Your comfort is our priority, and at Pros 360, we're not just providing an HVAC system; we're delivering the promise of a cozy, worry-free home.

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Los Angeles-area heating and cooling experts, Pros 360, celebrates National Underdog Day with heat pump system giveaway ending Dec. 16
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